Time to Resurrect this Blog

I suppose it’s time I add to my blog.  Don’t expect anything fancy, but once in awhile, I’ll add comments when something that interests me comes to mind.


I’m often asked why I still shoot film.  Nostalgia is part of it.  I grew up with film cameras and using one is as natural as breathing.  Plus I like the feel of using one of these old mechanical devices.  As the late-lamented Modern Photography magazine put it back in the 1970’s when talking about the Canon F-1, “this camera harkens back to an era when cameras were built like fine, scientific instruments.”  I’ll take it a step father and say all quality, classic film cameras harken back to that era.  There’s no comparing the build quality of my film Leica MP to my digital Olympus OM-D.


But there’s something else besides the feel of a camera, I just like the look of film, especially B&W.  While I’ve successfully taken a color digital pic and converted it to B&W (with impressive results too), there’s still something about the look of Kodak Tri-X, or Ilford FP4, or Efke 25 that draws me to film.  Grain, tonal range, and the fact that I process it myself in my darkroom (the laundry room) are all part of it.  Plus having the physical negative means that if my hard drive crashes, I still have an image.  If you haven’t backed up your digital images, if your hard drive crashes, you’ve lost everything.


But I’m not stuck in the past either.  I have three digital cameras and take a hell of a lot more digital pics than film pics.  Digital has it’s place, for me color, and there’s no arguing it’s speed and convenience.  There’s no arguing quality either, a properly “processed” DNG is very impressive.


I’ll continue to use both film and digital.  They both have their place.  I suppose, now, it’s choosing the camera that gives me the result I’m looking for.  It may be my old Polaroid SX-70 and a few packs of Impossible Film, my Olympus OM-D for model photography, or my Leica MP, and a roll of Tri-X, for street photography.  Choice is good, and it’s nice to live in a time where I have two excellent mediums, film and digital, to choose from.  


And that’s today’s thought.